The Most Hilarious Reactions To Jeb Bush’s ‘America’ Tweet


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Source: Twitter/Rob Groulx

Source: Twitter/Rob Groulx

On Tuesday, Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush (yes, he’s still running) uploaded a pro-gun rights image to his Twitter account. The image drew scores of praise from advocates, but also some incredibly funny responses as “America” became a meme for the day.


Bush, who was once thought a shoe-in for the Republican nomination, tweeted an image of a handgun with his name etched along the top of the gun slide. The tweet was captioned simply: “America.”

The image quickly racked up over 20,000 Retweets and Favorites, but many turned the tables on Bush with applaud-worthy responses.

The best reactions came from users uploading the “weapon of choice” from various fictional worlds in books, movies, and TV, like Game of Thrones, The Avengers, and Star Wars.

But it didn’t end there.

Some responses used the opportunity to point out other things that help define America, like our obsession with flavor-of-the-moment trends:

Our obesity epidemic:

That everyone is free to love who they choose:

America’s stellar drinking water:

And of course, what would a pro-2nd Amendment tweet be without its counterpoints.

Unlike Bush, some don’t view gun ownership as something America should be proud of.

Will the popularity of the tweet elevate Bush back to frontrunner status? It’s doubtful, but for one glorious day in this crazy 2016 election, Bush won the Internet. That’s something for which he can be proud.


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