These Babies Are Turning Heads With Their Long Luxurious Hair


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We’ve seen babies born with a full head of luscious locks take the internet by storm, including with the recent case of an infant in the UK.

Meet Holly Gent, who has become the latest social media sensation due to her full head of hair at just 4-months-old. There was so much hair, that it even showed up on the ultrasound. At 20 weeks, her mother Natasha Gent was told that her baby had a “bit of hair” when wisps were spotted. Much to her surprise, the beauty advisor was shocked when Holly was born with a full head of brunette hair that hasn’t stopped growing.

“We were prepared after being told she would have a bit of hair at her scan but it was still a shock when she came out and we could see just how much she had compared to other babies,” she told The Telegraph. “It hasn’t stopped growing since the day she was born. We’re lucky that it has always been really easy to look after. Holly absolutely loves bath time and afterwards when her hair is dead straight it goes all the way past her shoulders.”

Source: Mercury Press & Media/The Telegraph

Holly Gent loves having her hair dried, according to her mother.

“Sometimes she has a blowdry if her hair needs to dry quickly. She really enjoys it but sometimes she does try to eat the air,” her mom told The Telegraph. “Her hair afterwards is so funny. It has grown straight upwards so after it’s dried it looks like a little afro. It makes us laugh so much.”

Source: Mercury Press & Media/The Telegraph

Furry newborns are not as uncommon as you may think. Bored Panda compiled a list of photos from parents who proudly submitted pictures of their hairy babies. The most votes on the list went to this 10-month-old “with her normal crazy hair.”

Source: Panda

Babies being born with a full head of hair seems like a phenomenon, but there is a scientific explanation to it. It’s all in the genes says Dr. Bud Zukow, pediatrician and author of the book Baby: An Owner’s Manual.

“It’s a genetic thing, or even an ethnic thing. Just like any other characteristic some babies have more hair than others,” he told Hairfinder.

This YouTube video features Junior Cox-Noon at just 9-weeks-old, published by Daily Mail on October 5, 2016.

However the hair got there, these babies are turning heads.


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