Hollywood Producer Tweets Sexist Female Intros He Reads in Scripts


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Source: Pinterest/Twitter

Source: Pinterest/Twitter

If you needed more proof Hollywood is sexist, you need only turn to producer Ross Putnam’s Twitter account.

As a producer, Putnam reads scripts on a regular basis where he seeks to bring “intelligent, emotionally powerful, and stylistically engaging material to the screen,” according to his LinkedIn account. Apparently, that holds true because Putnam, along with females everywhere, seems to be frustrated with a lack of strong, dynamic female characters.


His super eye-opening – but not all that surprising – Twitter account exposes the way women are often introduced in scripts, i.e. “…dressed in a paramedic’s uniform – blonde, fit, smokin’ hot.”

Putnam says in his Twitter bio, “These are intros for female leads in actual scripts I read. Names changed to JANE, otherwise verbatim. Update as I go. Apologies if I quote your work.” Note the part where he says these are leads, not even side characters or someone in the background, but actual lead roles being offered to real women.

Every single introduction has something about her appearance. She is always “sexy,” “gorgeous,” or “attractive.”

Putnam told Mashable in an email, “Women are first and foremost described as “beautiful,” “attractive,” or—my personal blow-my-brains-out-favorite, “stunning.” They’re always “stunning” in a certain dress or “stunning” despite being covered in dirt because they’re a paleontologist—or whatever.”

He also said that he plans to post every demeaning description he reads.

Check out just a handful of Putnam’s tweets below.


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