This Horse Is All of Us in the Morning


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Source: Facebook/Mark N Kelley

Source: Facebook/Mark N Kelley

Ever have one of those days as a kid when your mom would keep calling for you to get up for school and you were like, “Nooooooo?”

This horse knows your pain. In fact, it seems like he knows it a little too well. The horse, Pinto, just doesn’t want to get up from his comfy spot on the ground, even after his owner keeps yelling at him to do so.


Pinto apparently “plays dead” quite frequently.

According to an ABC affiliate, a Texas woman went out to check on Pinto after an electrical contractor who was working on the property told the owners he found a dead horse. Of course, Pinto wasn’t dead. The owners told the worker Pinto plays dead all the time.

In the video posted to Facebook that has since gone viral, a woman can be heard saying, “Why do you keep playing dead?” Pinto lets out a huge grunt, which sounds a lot like, “Nooooo!”

The woman keeps asking him to get up and even tosses a dirt clump at the horse. Each time she asks him to get up though, he answers her (in horse) with, “Nah.”

The woman yells at Pinto that he embarrasses them in front of the neighhh-bors, but Pinto really doesn’t care.

The video now has over 38 million views.

She finally grabs what looks like a piece of the fence to poke him, and he subsequently rolls over and reluctantly gets up.

Battle well fought, Pinto.


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