Houston Mass Shooting Injures Nine Before Suspect Brought Down by Police


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Source: Reuters

Source: Reuters

A lawyer unhappy with his firm opened fire on his community in a wealthy Houston neighborhood, injuring at least nine.

Monday morning in West University Place, TX, a gunman identified as a lawyer with “concerns” about his law firm took his frustration out on innocent people before being fatally shot by police.


“The motivation appears to be a (male) lawyer whose relationship with his law firm went bad,” Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner told reporters.

The suspect, whom acting Houston Police Chief Martha Montalvo declined to identify to Reuters, apparently fired about 20 to 30 shots and was killed after a shootout with police.

Six of the victims were taken to the hospital, one in serious condition and one in critical, according to reports; three were treated at the scene, said authorities.

Multiple weapons were found in the suspect’s car, a Porsche, by a police bomb squad and his house will be searched as well.

Residents of the condominium near the man’s apartment were asked to find shelter elsewhere until investigations are completed.

At the scene, live video streams show broken glass from car windows littered across a parking lot outside an upscale shopping center and a handful of vehicles with bullet holes in them.


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