Impromptu Doo-Wop Surprises ‘Tonight Show’ Audience


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Lucky audience members at The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon didn’t have to wait the longest time to be treated to a melodious surprise.

Fallon, along with guests Billy Joel, J.K. Simmons, and Joel’s band, broke out into an impromptu singing of Joel’s hit “The Longest Time” during a commercial break.

Joel was the first to break into the doo-wop while shooting promos for Fallon’s hit show, before the others quickly joined in. The jam session also included harmonizing by Joel, Fallon, and Simmons. Caught up in the excitement after the performance, Fallon yelled, “Come on! That’s the way to do it!”

During the commercial break, the group was just standing around when Simmons turned to Joel and can be heard suggesting, “The Longest Time.” After that, the harmonizing and singing began, with Simmons providing a deep baritone. Joel provided most of the lyrics with the others adding in the harmony and background.

The audience can be heard breaking out into cheers once they realized what was happening. It was more than they hoped for.


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