Irish Dogs Can Now Order Thai Takeout


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Source: Camile's Thai / Paul325tds

Source: Camile’s Thai / Paul325tds

It’s an unfortunate situation when you come home after a long day only to discover you’re out of dog food. Luckily, there’s an Irish Thai food restaurant here to save the day.

Camile restaurant offers dog owners the convenient option of Thai takeout, but not for them, for their dogs.


Located in Dublin, Ireland, Camile is currently serving dogs their delicious rice pudding and mango coulis topped with Madeline biscuits – only for £2.95.

Camile claims to be the world’s first food delivery service for dogs. Daniel Green, a spokesperson for Camile, told Mashable that the head chef noticed his dog “would go crazy” whenever he brought food home from the restaurant because it smelled so good.

“Not being able to live with the guilt, [the head chef] came up with the dish and we decided that it would be a great product to share with our customers,” Green said.

He added that “with so many people being dog owners there has been a big increase in dog friendly environments but there has been a lack of something you can enjoy at home with your dog. You just have to look at the photos people have posted of their dogs enjoying the dish on our social media channels to see that people seem to be excited about the service.”

The dogs definitely do enjoy it, as evidenced by the plethora of Twitter posts. Check them out below.


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