Teenager’s White Furred Dog Gives Birth to a Litter of Black Furred Puppies and Demands ‘Pawternity’ Test


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Jacqueline Arguello

Source: Jaqueline Arguello

When 19-year-old Jacqueline Arguello’s dog gave birth to a litter of puppies, she got quite the surprise.

Arguello’s dog, Mocca, and the father of the puppies are both bichons frises. However, all of the puppies Mocca gave birth had super dark fur — which left Arguello and her family very confused.


When I saw her first baby be born, I thought it was funny that [the baby] was black,” Arguello told BuzzFeed News. “And then the next one was black, and the next, and the next!”

Arguello and her family began to wonder if Mocca had “snuck out and bred with another dog,” but as far as the family knew, Mocca had only been in contact with one other dog.

Source:Jaqueline Arguello

Source:Jaqueline Arguello

“He was the only dog we let her be around, so we knew he was the baby daddy,” Arguello said to BuzzFeed.

Arguello took to social media to joke about her dog’s puppies, recreating a scene from the show Maury, where paternity tests are often the subject of the show.

The tweet quickly went viral with over 50,000 retweets and 86,000 likes.

“It’s pretty crazy how this blew up,”Arguello told Your Daily Dish via Twitter. “I just came up with it after my dog finished giving birth. I thought it was pretty funny that not one or two, but the whole litter was black.”

While the color of the dog’s fur is a little confusing, it often happens due to a recessive black gene. According to DogGenetics.co.uk, both dogs can carry the recessive black gene and can pass it off to their offspring resulting in the dark fur coats.

While Arguello joked about getting the DNA test done to determine the father of Mocca’s pups, she doesn’t actually plan to follow through.

“I’m just happy we have beautiful healthy pups and eventually we’ll see if they look like daddy,” she said to BuzzFeed News.

I’d like to add that it was a joke for Twitter and my family, as well as myself, are well aware how amazing biology is,” she told Daily Mail Online. “The pups are all going into loving homes and all that matters is that they are happy and healthy.”

“All jokes aside, biology amazes us everyday,” Arguello told Your Daily Dish.

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