Leonardo DiCaprio Blasts Climate Change Deniers as Unfit for Office


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Source: Facebook/The White House

Leonardo DiCaprio angrily denounced politicians who deny climate change at an event alongside President Barack Obama.

The 41-year-old actor, a long time environmental activist, joined the President as well as climate scientist and professor Katharine Hayhoe in a panel discussion at the South by South Lawn festival, an arts event held in the White House grounds on Monday.


DiCaprio was promoting his new documentary film Before the Flood, in which the actor traveled around the world talking to scientists, world leaders and people affected by climate change in a bid to highlight the issue.

Opening the talk, The Revenant star delivered an uncompromising challenge to politicians who doubt the science of climate change.

“If you do not believe in climate change, you do not believe in facts or in science or empirical truths,” DiCaprio said. “And therefore, in my humble opinion, you should not be allowed to hold public office.”

Official White House Photo: Chuck Kennedy

Official White House Photo: Chuck Kennedy

However, the actor praised Obama as a politician, “who has done more to create solutions for the climate crisis than any other in history.”

All three panelists struck a downbeat tone, with Obama admitting, “We’re on the more pessimistic end of what was possible” in terms of adopting anti-climate change measures.

The Hollywood superstar even joked that he might be planning on escaping Earth, saying that he’d signed up for a trip to Mars before telling the audience he’d cancelled.

Directed by DiCaprio’s friend, actor and documentary filmmaker Fisher Stevens, Before the Flood premiered at the South by South Lawn festival on Monday and will hit cinemas on October 21.

Watch the trailer for Before the Flood.


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