Man Nurses Squirrel Back to Health, Now They’re Inseparable


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A little act of kindness and compassion goes a long way. Especially if it’s with a squirrel.

Recently, a kindhearted man found a squirrel dying under a tree in Poland and took it to his home and nurse it back to health. The squirrel, Pitek, was so grateful that the two formed an unlikely friendship. Along with his dog, the man and his squirrel can be seen walking in a local Poland park everyday.


Squirrels are notoriously known for being shy toward humans (can you blame them?), but this squirrel learned that humans could be gentle creatures too, especially with this man.

Now Pitek lives an extremely happy life with the kindhearted man.

This isn’t the first case of man becoming best friends with squirrels.

In 2011, a Portland man found a baby squirrel in a fallen tree. He brought the squirrel to his home and raised the animal in his backyard. The two are still inseparable to this day.

You can check out the heart-melting video of the Polish duo below.

Great to see there are some compassionate human beings on this planet.

This Squirrel Is A Man’s Best FriendThis man found an unlikely best friend in his pet squirrel

Posted by NowThis on Tuesday, February 2, 2016


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