Adorable Little Boy Steals the Show on the JumboTron at the Detroit Red Wings Hockey Game


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Source: Twitter @BradGalli

Forget about hockey, Saturday’s Detroit Red Wings game was all about two-year-old Mason.

Mason was the star of the JumboTron during the Red Wings and Anaheim Ducks game. Every chance the two-year-old got on the big screen, the crowd would go wild with cheers. However, when the screen focused on another fan, the arena booed until he was back on the JumboTron. Mason even got an honorary first star of the game, and the “man of the match” title from the Detroit Red Wings. “He has always been super friendly and social,” Mason’s dad, Tony Becker, told The Huffington Post. “He loves the camera. His favorite is Snapchat where he can look like a doggie.” Tony Becker also shared that he has been taking his son to hockey games since he was infant. “This year we were able to save up the money to be season ticket holders,” Becker said to the Huffington Post. “Unfortunately, my wife had to work and was unable to make it to the Red Wings game.” Because his wife couldn’t make it, Becker took Mason instead. “Everyone who meets Mason absolutely loves him,” Becker told the Huffington Post. “So we aren’t surprised by the [crowd’s] reaction. The smile is infectious!”
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