Michigan Man From a Working Poor Neighborhood Perfectly Explains Why He Voted for Trump in HONY Post


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Source: Facebook/Humans of New York

Source: Facebook/Humans of New York

“I’d invite anyone to come and meet the people who live in this neighborhood.”

Brandon Stanton, the man behind Humans of New York, traveled from the Big Apple to Macomb County in suburban Michigan to find out why the area, for the first time in almost 30 years, decisively voted Republican in the recent election.

“A northern suburb of Detroit, the county is largely ‘blue collar’ and its economy is heavily dependent upon the auto industry,” Stanton wrote on November 14. “Last week Macomb County voted decisively for Donald Trump.”


Before immediately dismissing these people, listen to what this one Michigan voter had to say in words that have gone viral.

“I grew up in the suburbs. I used to think that I could write a prescription for a poor man: ‘Get a job, save your money, pull yourself up by the bootstraps,’ ” said the man, as the post read. “I don’t believe that anymore. I was ignorant to the experiences of poor people.”

The working poor people aren’t getting a living wage in many – too many – neighborhoods in the country. The median household income in 2012 is the same as it was 25 years ago, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, while the prices of resources needed to survive skyrocketed since then and continue soaring today.

“We aren’t paying our brothers and sisters enough to live,” mentioned the man. “We want them to serve us, but we aren’t serving them.”

Check out the entire eye-opening post:

If nothing else sticks, take this from from the post when thinking about poverty: “You can’t pull yourself up when there’s nothing to grab onto.”


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