Missy, the Potbelly Pig, Once Sent to Butcher Now Lives on Loving Farm


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Missy Source: nhspca.org

Source: nhspca.org

Missy, the Potbelly pig went through many trials and tribulations to end up where she is today.

It began back in February when her adopted family could no longer take care of her so they figured a butcher would be a quick fix. They realized, however, Missy was meant to be a pet and not a meal. That’s when the New Hampshire Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in bucolic Stratham, New Hampshire stepped in and rescued her.


Then in April, a Massachusetts family with other pigs adopted her, but it just didn’t feel right to Missy so she ran away, only to wind up back at the shelter. They even created an adoption page advertising that “She is litter trained, likes to go for walks and even sleeps under the covers. The best fit for Missy would be a home with an experienced pig owner and no small children.” That page has since been removed thanks to a posting from the Pig Placement Network. A New Jersey family who made the qualifications with two pigs of their own saw the post and adopted Missy to join their family.

The shelter’s adoption counselor was overjoyed. According to the AP in Stratham he told the family, “You’ve made my year!”

Not everyone is cut out to own a Potbelly pig.

According to the experts at PotBellypigs.com they are very “sociable, adaptable, hearty, clean, and intelligent,” but they recommend complete education about them before bringing them home as a pet. One of the signs to watch for a discontented pig is “she may throw her head in a side swiping motion, or she may scream loudly.” A happy pig “ouffs around making quiet, satisfied noises that are very pleasing.” They are also the fifth most intelligent animal with man being first, followed by monkeys, dolphins and whales. They are highly trainable and respond well to the primary motivator of food.

Source: cutedogandcat.xyz

Source: cutedogandcat.xyz

Ranging between 80 and 160 pounds they can live to the ripe old age of 21. Max, the nearly 300 pounder who was famously owned by George Clooney passed away at 18 suffering from arthritis and partial blindness. Here is Clooney with Max in their younger years together.

George Clooney with Max Source: buzzlie.com

George Clooney with Max (Source: buzzlie.com)

Like people, pigs are social creatures so they are meant to be paid attention to and not left alone at home or in the barn. Having a pig friend may do the trick which is exactly what Missy needed.


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