Now You Can Buy This Full-Size, Street-Legal Little Tikes Car


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Source: John Bitmead

You’re likely familiar with the red and yellow Little Tikes car, the one you or your kids likely rode around in, peddling your feet like Fred Flintstone from Point A to Point B.

Well, if you’ve ever dreamed of owning that car as a fully-grown adult, you may want to sit down…inside this real-life working model!


John and Geof Bitmead from Oxfordshire, England modified a Daewoo Matiz into a full-size, street-legal Little Tikes car. The gas-powered car can reach an amazing 70 mph, according to the BBC.

The car cost a reported $46,000 to build and the brothers had originally intended to sell the car to raise money for charity.

Unfortunately, that magnanimous dream never came to fruition.

The Bitmeads are currently attempting to unload their pet project for a cool $32,000 to recoup some of the loss they took putting the whole thing together.

“We’ve taken it off the market for the time being,” one of the brothers told the BBC. “We’ve had a couple of people make sensible bids on it and we’re in conversation with them in regards to selling it.”

So, if you’ve been hoping to recapture some of your lost youth, get in touch with these guys. Don’t worry, unless it breaks down, you won’t need to “Fred Flintstone” your way to the grocery store.


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