Smart Seal Manages to Escape Dumb Killer Whales by Jumping on the Back of a Boat


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Source: kirk fraser YouTube

Source: kirk fraser YouTube

Talk about a quick escape!

Check out this sly seal who managed to escape a group of killer whales by jumping on the back of a boat. The seal was able to make it on the boat by the skin of its teeth! See part of the daring escape below! (Warning: explicit language)


The video shows the seal jumping on the back of the boat seconds before killer whales make an appearance in the water. The seal looks pretty shaken up from the daring chase.

“Look at this,” one passenger can be heard saying after the seal jumps on the stern.

After resting on the stern for a bit, the seal decides to try and escape back into the water. However, he quickly jumps back onboard realizing the killer whales are still on his tail.

“Are they going to get mad? Oh my God, oh my God,” a woman onboard the boat says.

Source: kirk fraser YouTube

The end of the video shows the seal swimming off in the ocean. According to the video, the seal fell back into the water about three different times. The whole escape process took about 30 to 45 minutes.

“Well done, bud. You survived,” shared one man on the boat as it drove away.

Check out the full escape below! (Warning: Explicit language) 

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