Runaway Flower Girl Steals the Bride and Groom’s Thunder During Wedding Ceremony


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Source: Katie Quirk

Source: Katie Quirk

Normally a wedding is all about the bride and groom. However, this flower girl decided to change it up and steal the spotlight.

Katie and Tom Quirk were in the middle of exchanging their vows during a beautiful ceremony in Melbourne, Australia when their niece, who was the flower girl, decided to take off running.


Quirk was so caught up in the moment, it took her a while to figure out what was going on. Check it out below.

“I saw this flash go by; then I saw my sister-in-law hauling after her, and that is when I turned to look,” Quirk shared with Today. “I could see little Chloe actually turning around and taunting her mother as she ran. She was basically saying, ‘Come and catch me,’ and I think that’s when it set in: ‘This is actually happening.'”

Quirk thought the moment was “amusing at the time,” but realized it was pretty hysterical watching the video again.

“She was an absolute angel from the time I saw her before we got to the venue to when she was walking down the aisle. She was so perfect,” she said. “And then, being 3 and a half, I think she just got a little bit restless and it was too much of an appeal to just get on the deck.”

The little blip in the ceremony “just added to the day,” as they had to repeat the vows three more times because Quirk couldn’t stop laughing.

“It was one of the moments you could never have predicted, and it was such perfect timing,” she explained. “The guests were in stitches. Everyone was beside themselves.”

Quirk also shared with Today that the moment was that much funnier because her sister-in-law was trying to keep up with her speedy little niece.

“Here’s my sister-in-law, in full high heels, just booking it across the deck managing not to get a heel stuck in the crevices,” she said. “It was poetry in motion. It was genuine shock and hilarity.”

Since being posted online, the video has been viewed over 16,000 (as of press time). Quirk is also happy that she can share this laughable moment with the world.

“In amongst all the horrible stuff that you hear every day happening in the world, if this funny little video can make people laugh and bring a bit of happiness and cheer, I’m more than happy for it to go where ever it needs to go,” she said.


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