Sarah Palin Turns the Tables and Spoofs Tina Fey in ’31 Rock’ Parody Video


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Sarah Palin is finally getting the chance to turn the tables on Tina Fey by starring in a new video spoofing Fey’s 30 Rock.


In the trailer for “31 Rock” Palin plays “Lynn Melon,” not to be confused with Fey’s infamous character Liz Lemon. Melon is “a TV writer who left a small town for the big city.” Similar to Lemon, Melon is a bit scatter-brained and has to deal with her dysfunctional colleagues.

Palin isn’t the only familiar face in this spoof. The Independent Journal Review, who produced the video, got just departed GOP presidential candidate Lindsey Graham to play a 31 Rock page. Palin’s former running mate, John McCain, also makes a quick cameo as the Alec Baldwin-type character. 30 Rock actor Kevin Brown (Dot Com) reprises his role to channel his inner Tracy Morgan this time around.

Palin does her best to mimic the witty and obsessive behavior Fey brought to the table that you almost don’t realize Palin is promoting her new book Sweet Freedom: A Devotional. The book, as described by Brown in the video, is “politics aside, a great reminder of the pressure of PC culture.”

“The book features Biblically-inspired, Palin-penned meditations to help the reader through everyday problems, from threats to second amendment rights, to the alleged failures of the Obama administration,” shared The Guardian.

Palin’s impression comes a few days after Fey reprised her role as the former vice presidential candidate on Saturday Night Live with co-host Amy Poehler. Poehler played a 2008 Hillary Clinton alongside Kate McKinnon’s current take on the presidential candidate.


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