Security Footage Shows Man Being Dragged by Apparent Ghostly Figure


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Source: Gamamori on Rumble/ViralNova

Pencil this under the “Nope” category.

Footage from a CCTV camera, dated back to January 23rd, 2013, has been released and making the rounds on the interwebs. The footage, which looks like something out of Paranormal Activity, shows a man walking down a dimly lit hallway by himself. He is minding his own business when suddenly, he runs into an invisible force that knocks him down. Then, the force becomes slightly corporeal, revealing a figure shrouded in darkness that proceeds to grasp the man’s leg and drag him down the hallway.


The man struggles to get free, when for no apparent reason, the figure disappears, and the man runs full-speed back the way he came.

Check out the footage:

Now, perhaps the spirit in question figured “Nah, this guy isn’t worth it,” and just let him go. We don’t know. Of course, this could just be some coordinated, fabricated video created to get hits online, but until anyone finds out for sure, we wouldn’t be surprised to see people avoiding secluded hallways after watching this. Happy (almost) Halloween!!



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