Facebook User Reunites Lost Dog With Family After Missing for Nine Months


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Source: Darwin and Cindy Cameron with Mo/ABC News/Screenshot

Thanks to the far-reaching power of Facebook, it is possible to reunite missing pups with their families once again. Recently, the social media network reunited a family with their dog who was missing for nine months.

Mo, an elderly Chesapeake Bay Retriever, survived nine months – or more sobering 288 days – on her own in the mountains of Idaho in Horseshoe Bend. She first went missing on September 13, 2016 .


Sheriann Harris — a retired educator — found Mo collapsed on a ranch near Horseshoe Bend. He was covered in fleas and ticks during the time of his rescue. Harris has dedicated her Facebook page to the pursuit of finding the owners of those dogs she has found in local shelters. Her page is full of missing dog posts from all types of breeds — complete with soul-crushing pictures and videos. On June 27, Harris posted to Facebook with the post of the Chessie she had rescued. “Found girl in Idaho. Horse shoe bend- Emmett,” she wrote.
Word of missing dogs travels fast in the small town of Boise. Sheriann Harris had heard Darwin and Cindy Cameron were searching for their missing Chesapeake after she had ran out of the house in search of Darwin. Harris couldn’t be completely sure the Darwins were her rightful owners. There were two identifying markers that only her owners would know – she was completely deaf and loved chasing squirrels. “I was positive it was her but I didn’t want to dash (Darwin’s) hopes,” Harris told the Idaho Statesman. When Darwin Cameron’s brother confirmed she loved chasing the critters, Harris set out to reunite Mo with her parents. She posted a Facebook update on June 28 of their reunion. “Just received an update on Mo, the legend!” she wrote. “She knew exactly where she was when she got home! She knew how to get into the garage, out back and to a special pine tree. Recognized family that came to see her! Heartwarming!”
“I knew right away. She went to Cindy and pushed her head into Cindy’s belly. Cindy was looking her over and looking for all the signs that this is Mo — a stitch in her right eye, her fatty tumor,” Harris told the Idaho Statesman.

Source: Sheriann Harris/Facebook

Now that Mo is safely back home, the Camerons reflected on the harsh elements she must’ve endured in the many months she was missing. “If you know anything about Idaho winters, this one was not a normal one,” Darwin Cameron told ABC News. “Record snowfalls, highest snowfalls and coldest temperatures in over 100 years. So to think that she was smart enough and tenacious enough to figure out how to do that, that’s pretty good for a little town dog, we’re just amazed,”