SodaStream, Strongest Man on Earth Remind Shoppers How Plastic Bottles Are Destroying Our Planet


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Did you ever experience buyer’s remorse? It’s when you buy something that you probably don’t really need, yet you whip out the ol’ credit card and purchase it, only to have a sudden bout of guilt wash over you. It’s OK. It happens to many people. But a new ad from water enhancement company SodaStream is taking that feeling of guilt and applying it to something much more than just shopping guilt.

SodaStream unveiled on Sunday a new ad featuring Hafþór Júlíus “Thor” Björnsson, the reining “Strongest Man on Earth” and Game of Thrones actor, to scare persuade customers in a grocery store to forego the usual purchase of a package of sparkling water and to instead buy an eco-friendly SodaStream. Watch:


The light-hearted spot shows Björnsson dressed in an ill-fitting Santa Claus suit and as customers go to purchase the on-sale package of bottled water, “Thor” comes around the corner to berate them. While the customers are left in shock that they’re being told to buy a SodaStream instead, the advertisement has a more important message: Plastic bottles are polluting our planet. If humans don’t change the way they consume, there won’t be a planet. “No Planet, No Christmas,” they say on the Facebook page “Shame or Glory.” The video ends with a message that one SodaStream bottle is equivalent to using 4,000 regular plastic bottles.

“Make sparkling water without polluting the Earth,” the video spot concludes.

The video comes on the heels of a similar ad featuring Björnsson and The Septa (Hannah Waddingham) from Game of Thrones, where Septa publicly shames a man buying two packages of sparkling water, similar to her famous scene from the hit HBO show.

Don’t bring “shame” on you and your family. Buy a SodaStream (or at least don’t buy so many plastic bottles). As they say, “F*ck plastic bottles.”


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