Student Shows Appreciation for His Teacher With a Very Unexpected Gift


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Source: Twitter @_marissanicole2/ @CoachWalser

Source: Twitter @_marissanicole2/ @CoachWalser

Teachers don’t always get the credit that they deserve. However, one student from Coronado High School in Texas decided to change that by surprising his teacher with the ultimate gift.

Hector Montez wanted to give back to his teacher Thomas Walser and thank him for his guidance over the years.


“You told me sophomore year this is your favorite shoe and you told me your size, but you don’t even remember,” he shared with Walser as he gave him the gift.

Montez got his teacher a pair of Nike Air Jordan 12’s and Walser was beyond thrilled with the gift and generosity from his student.

“Oh man, I’ve wanted these since I was in sixth grade and I never got ’em,” shared Walser.

Check out the awesome gift exchange in the video below.

Walser later posted a picture of the shoes on Twitter and gave a shout out to Montez.

Seems like this will be a gift Walser will never forget!

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