Students Surprise Choir Teacher With ‘Amazing Grace’ Rendition


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Source: YouTube

Source: YouTube

Most students just give their teachers cards or gift baskets to show they care. Well, these students decided on a more creative approach.

In a video shared by Kleenex, Gabrielyn Watson’s former choir students surprise her at Morgan Park High School in Chicago by performing an outstanding rendition of “Amazing Grace” after hearing about her struggle with cancer. One of the former students, Peter Frank, who was a finalist on season 10 of American Idol and now an entertainer working in Los Angeles, said in the video, “I realized that I never really had a chance to let her know exactly how influential she was to my life.”


Allie, class of 2004 said, “We hear anything to do with Mrs. Watson and we’re like, ‘We’re there!'”

“I love my students and I want them to have the best opportunities so that they can thrive,” Watson said.

The video shows a seemingly unknowing Watson showing up at the school for what she thought was a “teacher interview.” All of a sudden Frank appears from behind a wall and starts singing, immediately bringing Watson to tears.

On cue, all of the other students start appearing from around corners joining in on the song. Watson melts to the ground, overwhelmed with joy.

“I never though I’d see them all together like that,” she said. “It’s just great to feel loved and that what you do matters.”

Watson was battling multiple myeloma, but is now in remission.


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