Taylor Swift Wows 96-Year-Old Fan With Christmas Visit


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Source: Twitter/@bert_frye

Source: [email protected]_frye

Taylor Swift helped one of her oldest fans realize a dream over Christmas, by arranging a surprise meet and greet.

The singer left 96-year-old grandfather Cyrus Porter speechless when she made the trip to New Madrid, Missouri, to meet the World War II veteran, who was diagnosed with cancer earlier this year.


Superfan Porter recently cooed about the star during a local news interview when he was asked if there was anything he still wanted to do with his life, revealing he’d like to see Swift in concert one more time.

“She puts on a show no one else puts on,” he said. “I just like the way the way she did stuff.”

His grandson Robert Frye tweeted a photo of himself, Cyrus, and Swift together on Christmas Eve.

“It’s a Christmas Miracle!!!” he wrote. “Thank you @taylorswift13. My grandpa was so excited!!”


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