Dog Dying From Terminal Cancer Gets Hitched as Part of His Bucket List


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When Tim Griffin discovered that his 12-year-old golden retriever was diagnosed with cancer, he knew he had to make the best out his dog’s last days.

In order to make Mr. Molson’s last days great, Griffin and his two children came up with a bucket list for the pup. One of their ideas was to throw the dog a wedding!

We’re trying to make every day count,” Griffin told Inside Edition. “He’s just somebody who’s always been there for me.”

So, how did they come up with the wedding idea?

“At first it was find him a girlfriend,” 10-year-old Chloe Griffin said to Inside Edition. “Then it was, why not take it to the next level have him get hitched?”

The Griffin’s went full out with the ceremony. They ordered a dog tux for Mr. Molson and nice white dress for his doggy wife, Joise. Chloe Griffin was the flower girl and her younger brother, Eliot, was the best man. They even had a dog biscuit cake for the newlyweds.

Source: Inside Edition YouTube

The Griffin’s created the doggy bucket list about three months ago when they found out about Mr. Molson’s cancer diagnosis. The dog had a large growth removed from his snout, but it has since returned. However, Mr. Molson is still living his best life.

He’s right on the three month mark, but he hasn’t seemed to have given up yet,” Griffin told ABC News. “He’s very friendly … he’s always the first one to walk up and say hello. Instead of dwelling on the downside of a diagnosis like this, with a bucket list, it’s something to look forward to.”

The full bucket list has about 40 items for the dog to finish. Before the wedding, the dog had a steak dinner, participated in a parade, and swam in the ocean. He even graduated from school and became a doctor.

Source: Inside Edition YouTube

Griffin doesn’t plan to stop spoiling the dog anytime soon.

“Right now I’m trying to find out how to get him a ride in a Harley with a sidecar,” Griffin said to Inside Edition. “He loves to hang his head out the car window.”

Source: Inside Edition YouTube

Although the bucket list adventure is exciting, Griffin is worried that it hasn’t set in on his children that Mr. Molson is sick.

“Now they’re pretty good because it’s been a lot of adventures,” Tim Griffin said to Inside Edition. “He’s still doing good and he’s still active. But once he’s not around anymore, I think it’s finally going to hit home.”

For the moment, the family is just focusing on having fun.

“It’s letting us have a lot of fun with him and make some good memories before he goes,” Tim Griffin said to ABC News.

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