A Tiny Chihuahua Shut Down Traffic Across The Bay Bridge


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High speed pursuit on the Bay Bridge this morning! One in custody. All are safe!


Posted by CHP – San Francisco on Sunday, April 3, 2016
California Highway Patrol officers were forced to shut down traffic on the Bay Bridge on Sunday when a small Chihuahua went on quite the run. The Bay Bridge in San Francisco was shut down Sunday morning after a small, black Chihuahua got out, sending the CHP officers on an unusual chase. It took about five minutes for the officers to catch up to the 10-pound dog. “It took a while, I mean he was fast, he was running. We set up several road blocks, but he just ran right around them. Eventually, we were able to box him in. I used my jacket to distract him and the motor officer came up and took him into custody,” CHP Officer Vu Williams shared with ABC News. The dog is now safe, but “stressed” at the San Francisco County Animal Care. According to BuzzFeed News, the officers are unsure about how the dog ended up on the highway. The dog was “wearing a tag with a skull on it, but had no other identification.” The staff members of the animal sanctuary have given the tiny black dog the nickname Ponch, after the TV character Officer Frank Poncherello on CHiPs, while they wait for more information from a possible owner. Anyone with possible information about the dog should contact (415) 554-6364.

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