Tiny Wind Turbine Costs Less Than an iPhone and Can Power Your Home for a Lifetime


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Source: AvantGardeInnovations/YouTube

Source: AvantGardeInnovations/YouTube

Over the last few years, the cost of renewable energy has dramatically decreased with new innovations in both solar and wind power. Still, installing solar panels or a wind turbine on your home is far outside the budget of most families. Until now.

Brothers Arun and Anoop are on the verge of bringing affordable renewable energy to any home around the world. At $750, they’ve developed a wind turbine that can be installed on any home and is capable of generating three to five kilowatt (kW) hours of electricity daily, which could be enough to power a home (though average usage differs widely by state).


According to OrganicandHealthy.org, the brothers started the company Avant Garde Innovations to bring the “low-cost wind turbine” to market.

“The size of a ceiling fan, this wind turbine can generate 5 kWh/kW per day — with just a one-time cost of US$750,” the company reveals on their website.

The company’s stated mission is:

“Our goal is to eliminate energy poverty, reduce dependence on struggling state power grids and create energy self sufficiency for all the needy ones through distributed, localized and affordable renewable energy. In doing so, we believe we can collectively usher in our world a cleaner environment, new economic prosperity and social change.”

The wind turbine has generated so much buzz, even the United Nations Foundation and UN’s Sustainable Energy for All took notice and showcased Avant Garde Innovations in its “$1 Billion Clean Energy Investment Opportunity Directory.”

Not only can this wind turbine help maintain a more sustainable planet, the energy savings in millions of homes nationwide could help countless families put those savings to good use.


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