This Video of a Cheerleader in a Wheelchair Will Both Amaze and Melt You


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The video of a cheerleader in a wheelchair performing a superb routine has captured the attention of millions. Oxygen All Stars Lithium is an all-ability Australian team that participated in the NSW All-Star Battle Cheer Edition in Sydney Olympic Park. The team took first place in the level one all-ability category, according to 9 News.

The video of their performance was posted to Facebook July 22 where it has received over 7 million views. The star of the performance was Debbie Stark, a girl with cerebral palsy who uses a wheelchair.


In the video, her teammates –  Cooper, Sarah, and Mikky – lift Stark out of the chair and hold her up while she performs stunning movements. They also help her do forward and backward rolls on the floor and even get her to stand on their hands.


The video has been seen by and inspired people all over the world. According to ABC News, the special abilities teams are judged by the same guidelines and rules that other teams are.

Stephen James, executive director of the Australian All Star Cheerleading Federation, told ABC, “The inclusion of the Special Ability division within our competitions gives athletes with special needs the opportunity to develop physical fitness, demonstrate courage and determination, experience joy and success, and participate in the social as aspects of friendship and teamwork in a safe and encouraging environment.”

Facebook users are also feeling the love. One person commented: “That’s fantastic! It’s wonderful that Deb is being supported to do something that clearly makes her so happy. The whole team rocked it.”

Another said: “This just made me cry!!! So much respect for all involved in this.”

Clearly, Stark is going places, and with such a supportive team, how could she not?


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