Watch 25 Cows Jump for Joy After They Are Saved From the Slaughterhouse


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Source: YouTube/Denis Vila

Cows have a pretty simple life.

They spend the majority of their lives producing milk and giving birth to calves. However, once the cows begin to age, they become less and less necessary on the farm due to slower production of milk.


The younger cows fill in the gaps and needs for the farmer and slowly push the older cows out of the way. Yet, keeping the older cows around the farm becomes expensive and many of them get sent to the slaughterhouse.

Luckily, 25 cows from Overath, Germany got the chance to stay on their farm thanks to animal rescue Denis Vila. Once Anke Heublein, the founder of the rescue center, found out that the cows were about to be slaughtered, she acted fast to save them.

“I’m happy that the cows can stay and grow old here,” Anke’s son shared.

The cows were finally set free after a long winter of being kept inside. They literally jumped for joy and are now enjoying the perks of their new fate.

Check out the video of their release below.

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