Watch What Happenes When ‘The Martian’ Turns Into a Musical Comedy


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Source: Twentieth Century Fox

Introducing Mars’ first singing astronaut!

The Golden Globes made some questionable decisions this year by putting Ridley Scott’s sci-fi epic, The Martian, in the “Best Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy” category, up against actual comedies like Trainwreck and Spy. While The Martian did have some comical moments, it’s definitely more of a drama.


However in a new parody video, Mashable has reimagined the sci-fi hit as if it truly was a musical comedy.

In the clip, Mark Watney fails to get on the shuttle back home, creating a whole new set of issues for NASA. The new take on the trailer is matched with a witty narrator, who seems to have the whole comedic timing aspect down pat.

“This comedy will make you explode with laughter,” the narrator shares as Watney’s failed experiment literally blows up in his face.

The video continues to poke fun at all the major plot points creating a whimsical narrative for Watney as NASA attempts to rescue him. The clip even goes so far to include a musical number. Who knows, maybe The Martian will get nominated for a Tony this year?

Parody aside, The Martian is nominated for several Academy Awards at this Sunday’s ceremony, including Best Picture.

Check out the full parody trailer below!


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