Watch What Happens When Molten Copper is Poured on a Big Mac


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We already know that McDonald’s food is immune to time. They also don’t know how to make mozzarella sticks, but that’s besides the point. Now, everyone is discovering the strange food is resistant to molten copper.

Yes, you read that right. Boiling molten copper was poured over a Big Mac in a three-minute viral video, and, no, it does not form a shiny copper Big Mac. It doesn’t even melt the thing. Instead, the flaming liquid seems to roll right off the bun, puddling on the plate beneath it. According to the video’s YouTube page, the boiling point of copper is 1984°F. Orwellian, indeed!


It makes you wonder what kind of flame retardant ingredients are being used in this burger.

The man in the video then takes the slightly burnt bun away and begins pouring the liquid on the patty, and, you guessed it, the molten liquid rolls right off again. The patty only looks slightly overdone by the time he’s finished.

He then takes apart all the layers so we can assess the damage done by the molten copper, which is not that much.

If molten copper can’t dissolve McDonald’s food, how is your stomach supposed to? Check out the shocking video below.

Molten copper poured on Big MacA new experiment involving boiling molten copper and a Big Mac, has proven that McDonald’s burgers are nearly indestructible.WATCH MORE:

Posted by 7 News Australia on Tuesday, March 15, 2016


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