Watch This Slightly Annoyed Reporter Save a Man From His Sinking Car During Live Report


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Source: KTRK

Source: KTRK

When News Reporter Steve Campion went out to report on a flash flood in Texas, he probably didn’t expect to become Superman for the day.

KTRK Houston’s Campion was doing a live report in front of a flooded underpass when a man in his car attempted to ignore the flooding and drive through. Luckily for the driver, Campion was there and able to help when his car began to sink.


As the Honda Insight approached the underpass, Campion knew exactly what was going to happen and couldn’t believe that people could be so aloof to their surroundings.

“Copy that. Why are you doing that? Why are you doing that?! Ugh. God…da…,” Campion said off camera.

Source: KTRK

Source: KTRK

As soon as the car hit the water, it slowly started to go down with the driver still inside. Campion seemed slightly annoyed, as this was about to be his second rescue of the day.

“DUDE, you gotta get out of the car. You gotta get out!” Campion yelled to the driver.

The driver stuck his head out of the passenger side of the car, looking utterly confused about his current situation. Campion told the man to “leave the car, swim.”


The driver was able to make a narrow escape, just as his car sank and disappeared underneath the floodwaters.

“I didn’t think the water was that deep,” the man told Campion. “I just thought it was a puddle.”

“I’m just glad you’re OK,” Campion told the driver.

“Yeah, I am too,” said the baffled driver.

A flash flood warning had been put in place in north and northwest Harris County, Texas due to the creeks and bayous over-spilling their banks, shared the Harris County Emergency Management Office. ABC News has reported at least 74 high water rescues since the waters began to rise and expect many more.

Regardless of being annoyed, Campion was really the hero of the day. Check out the rescue below!


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