Watch Teachers Burst Into Perfect ‘Les Miserables’ Flash Mob


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A group of schoolteachers turned a boring assembly into a musical extravaganza thanks to a perfectly executed flash mob.


It all started with an assembly of faculty who work for the West Des Moines Community School District. The educators were all gathered on the eve of the first day of school to prepare for the new school year. Everything is going normally until the speaker says, “I know this school year is going to be incredible, and it’s almost ready to begin. Just one more day left!”

At those words, music begins to play and a singer steps through the curtain on stage to begin singing “One More Day” from the musical Les Miserables. As if that wasn’t shocking enough, other teachers planted in the crowd got up and began singing as well.

Beyond the surprise factor of the performance itself, the teachers also put a creative spin on things. They amended the lyrics of the song to be about teaching. Examples included, “One more day all on my own; no more time for preparation; I’ve run out of planning time; soon the students will be here,” and “Will my lessons be a bore? Please collaborate with me!”


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