YouTuber Explains How Cosplaying Has Changed Her Life for the Better


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Meghan Camarena, otherwise known by her YouTube name Strawburry17, is a vlogger who, in her own words, wants her viewers to “consider my channel a nerdy assortment of goodies.” With over one million followers and over 100 million views, Camarena vlogs about her every day life, video games, and cosplay.

Cosplay, in particular, has had a very impactful effect on Camarena’s life.


In the video below, Camarena, cosplaying as Joule Adams from the new Xbox game ReCore, discusses how cosplaying has not only allowed her to, at least for a day, “be someone else,” but also it allowed her to come to terms and ultimately overcome her own shyness and insecurities.

“Cosplay has changed my life in so many ways,” said Camarena. “I used to be super, super shy and very…just not very confident when it came to my body.”

Camarena added, “Cosplay is a world where I can get really, really comfortable.”

She concludes, “I am essentially being someone else, and through being them, I become more confident.”

Check it out:

Watch more of Camarena’s cosplaying below or check out her channel here.


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