11 Epic Pranks


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April Fool’s Day is right around the corner. If you’ve got a prank to pull, you better start planning. The bar has been set high by these folks. Can you top these epic pranks?

1. The Paper Cubicle Prank


2. The Twinkie Overload Prank


3. The “Your Car Is Surrounded By Shopping Carts” Prank

4. The Foam Chair Prank

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5. The Pimp My Ride With Post-Its Prank

6. The Desk Suspension Prank


7. The Planting Seeds In A Keyboard Prank

8. The Gift Wrapped Cubicle Prank

9. The Shrink Wrapped Car Prank

10. The Airhorn Behind The Bathroom Door Prank

11. And the winner…. The Bear In The Cubicle Prank



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