14-Month-Old Baby Is a Snowboard Prodigy


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Source: Zach and Katie Henderson

Source: Zach and Katie Henderson

Meet the one-year-old who can snowboard better than most of us can walk.

Sloan Henderson, daughter of Katie and Zach Henderson, learned to snowboard shortly after she took her first steps. In videos seen all across the globe, Sloan effortlessly stands on a snowboard while cruising down a small hill. She even rides the walkway with her father back up to the top of the hill, pacifier still in mouth.


Cut to about 30 seconds in to see her all on her own.

In an interview with ABC News, Henderson said, “We were just so proud of her. We were just so impressed that she could ride. I’m just jealous because I don’t pick up sports as quickly.” Both parents are athletic and participate in sports such as wakeboarding and surfing, so it’s no surprise Sloan has impeccable balance.

Henderson also told ABC News that the reason they started Sloan on snowboarding was just so she “would not be stuck behind an iPad or TV.”

The parents began teaching Sloan how to balance by pulling her around on the carpet indoors before eventually moving to their snow-covered backyard. When she conquered the lawn, it was time to finally hit the slopes.

Of course, what’s on everyone’s mind is whether this kid will take her stuff to the Olympics, to which her parents said they would certainly support her.

Until then, though, the parents plan to post more videos for everybody to enjoy of Sloan learning new tricks. She’ll learn how to turn and go over bumps next, and then the Henderson’s will see where her training goes. Hey, gotta take baby steps, ya know?

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