Adele Explains Her Off Key ‘All I Ask’ Grammy Performance


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After a long hiatus, Adele returned to the Grammy stage on Monday night, but anticipated performance underwhelmed after technical issues marred the singer’s normally flawless vocals.


Adele performed “All I Ask” from her record-breaking album 25, however, early into her power ballad the Grammy winner could tell something was off. As she sang, a strumming sound could be heard in the background causing her microphone to briefly cut out. Adele powered through, but she looked distracted and knew the performance was not going right.

Fans picked up on the sounds mishap right away, but were super confused as well. How could Adele sound flat?

So what exactly happened?

The Grammy-winning artist took to Twitter to explain the technical mishap. Turns out the piano microphones fell on to the piano strings causing the guitar sounds that were heard during her performance. However, Adele found a silver lining from the misfortune and treated herself to a little In-N-Out Burger after the ceremony.

Recording Academy President Neil Portnow went into detail explaining the flub after the show.

According to Variety, “The process of lifting the piano onto a satellite stage, a microphone inside the piano dropped, which caused the clanking sound heard over the broadcast. They tried to correct it by going to a backup system, which caused the feed to be lost for a second.”

However Adele was still able to pull through, proving how fantastic she really is.

“To Adele’s credit, she killed it, she did a fantastic job, the pro that she is,” Portnow explained. “That was all an issue on our behalf. Kenny (Ehrlich) asked that we make that really clear to everybody.”

Adele’s hit album 25 was not eligible for any Grammy’s this year and will compete in next year’s categories where it is expected to sweep the competition.


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