Chef Turns Ordinary Cookies Into Stunning Works of Embroidery Art


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Source: Facebook Mézesmanna

Source: Facebook Mézesmanna

These cookies are almost too pretty to eat.

Hungarian chef Judit Czinkné Poór bakes and frosts cookies that could easily be displayed in a museum. Each cookie is individually designed with fine precision and detail, easily imitating a fine piece of embroidery.


Chef Poór designs her creations in a bakery in Ajka called Mézesmanna, which is known for its detailed desserts. The treats look almost too delicate to eat.
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Chef Poór has only been decorating these detailed designs since 2014. Her background as a porcelain painter has given her some insight on how to craft the miniature culinary creations.
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Her secret to crafting these one-of-a kind cookies? “Practice, practice, practice,” shared Chef Poór with Bored Panda.

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Check out some of Chef Poór’s creations below and see more on her Instagram and Facebook page.
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