Donald Trump’s Twitter Q&A Was A Train Wreck


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Source: Donald Trump/Twitter

Source: Donald Trump/Twitter

On Monday, Donald Trump visited the New York offices of Twitter headquarters and asked people to tweet him questions using the asking #AskTrump. Unfortunately, things quickly got out of hand.

While the Republican presidential hopeful received some serious inquiries from those out in the Twitter-verse, others used the forum to take the real estate mogul to task for many of the controversial things he’s said since launching his campaign in June.

Or maybe poke fun at his appearance.

Or seek his advice on matters of the heart?

Needless to say, many of the questions were probably not what Trump would have liked to focus on during his brief Twitter takeover.

Some things seemed to work, except maybe they should have worked on the lighting so his face didn’t resemble one of the red balloons on the big screen behind him.


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