This 2-Legged Dog Proved His Strength By Surviving a Major Car Crash


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Meet Duncan, a two-legged boxer who is proving he is a true survivor. The 4-year-old K9 was born with his back legs fused together. Luckily, Panda Paw, a rescue service that helps dogs who have been abandoned, abused, or neglected, took him in. Gary Walters and his fiancé, Amanda Giese, own the place and were happy to help Duncan. Duncan’s only hope for survival was to have his back legs amputated. The pup recovered quick and didn’t seem to notice anything was missing. He was back to running and climbing stairs, using his front legs. Walter had gotten the dog a wheelchair to help him get around, but Duncan did not use it. His determination was inspiring and was picked up by several TV news outlets. The strong dog was featured on the Today Show and The Queen Latifah Show and has had several videos go viral on the internet. The internet-famous dog was recently involved in a brutal car crash and could not be found after the accident. Walters was traveling with Giese and his two kids when they hit a buffalo in the middle of the road. “He did a hell of a job,” Walters told Inside Edition. Walters’ 15-year-old was behind the wheel during the incident. The teen had recently gotten his learner’s permit and stayed strong during the scary situation. Although, the teen managed to swerve, he still clipped the huge animal, causing the car to flip several times.
Luckily, the car had an “exoskeleton” and the family emerged from the accident mostly unscathed. Giese had bruised a few ribs and had a concussion, but the injuries were relatively tame. “I don’t think we would have made it without the reinforcements,” Walters said to Inside Edition. However, the scary flip caused Duncan to be ejected from the car. As soon as the family realized he was missing, they immediately started a search. They posted about the crash online and people quickly showed up to help look. “Somewhere between 30 and 40 people showed up,” Walters said to Inside Edition. Thankfully, the search was a success and Duncan was found about 14 hours later. The strong K9 was about 3 miles away from the crash site near a quarry. “Duncan was curled up under a bush,” Walters said to Inside Edition. “Jade, our daughter, called him and her perked up and ran to her.” Duncan escaped the crash with minimal injuries. He was dehydrated and had damage to his paws, but otherwise escaped unhurt. “He’s totally fine,” Walters said to Inside Edition. “I don’t know how. That dog is such a survivor.”
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