Entire Auditorium of Middle Schoolers Help Autistic Boy Sing ‘Let it Go’ at Talent Show


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Source: WCVB Boston

Source: WCVB Boston

It takes a lot of guts to enter a talent show, especially a middle school talent show where kids tend to be the worst, but at Oak Middle School in Shewsbury, Mass., one boy got help from the entire audience.

Autistic 13-year-old Jagger Lavely entered the talent show to sing “Let it Go” from Frozen.


Dressed as Olaf, Lavely started strong but then started to forget the words to the song, but the kids in the audience wouldn’t let him fizzle out. They began singing with him to help him finish the song.

Stacey Lavely, his mother, told WCVB, “It was just that magical moment where it just felt like the entire community rallied around him.”

The incredible moment was caught on film by Olivia Klein who was recording it for Shrewsbury Media Connection.

“You could see a visible change in his mood,” she told WCVB. “He got really uplifted and he finished the song strong.”

What’s even better is that Lavely doesn’t even attend that school. He goes to a school and after-school for kids with autism out of town.

“Kudos to the kids,” Stacey said. “They just reached out with their heart and they changed a life.”

Check out the emotional video from 7 News Boston below.

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