Gay Actors Who Play Straight Roles


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Are these actors straight or gay? You may be surprised by some of the actors and actresses on this list, who play straight roles on screen, but who actually prefer same-sex partners off screen. Just goes to show… a great actor can make you believe almost anything.

1.  Cynthia Nixon



She is woman, hear her roar. On TV, Nixon played Miranda Hobbes, a feminist and workaholic lawyer on the long-running show “Sex and the City.” Miranda’s character was a strong believer that men and women should be equal on the job, at home, rearing a family, and in the bed.

In real life, Nixon is a liberal political activist. In 2013, she organized an LGBT benefit for Bill deBlasio, who at the time was running for mayor of New York City. She has also actively campaigned to legalize gay marriage and supports Planned Parenthood. Nixon came out publicly as bisexual after splitting with her husband in 2003. In 2012, she married her girlfriend Christine Marinoni.


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