Glassdoor Releases ’25 Highest Paying Jobs in America’


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In case you want a career change, we suggest taking a look at the newly released list from Glassdoor of the highest paying jobs in America for 2016.

It may come as little surprise that 11 of the 25 jobs were in the tech industry since it’s largely considered to be one of the fastest growing industries.


The list comes from anonymous employees reporting their salaries to Glassdoor. In order for a profession to be considered, it must have received at least 75 salary reports. The amount of job openings listed is based on the amount of jobs posted and grouped together for similar titles over the past three months.

If you’re already a lawyer or physician, good for you. You are among the top earners in the country. Everyone else, read it and weep. Or get studying. The choice is yours.

Physician: $180,000 median base salary; 2,064 job openings

Lawyer: $144,500 median base salary,  995 job openings

Research and Development Manager: $142,120 median base salary, 112 job openings

Software Development Manager: $132,000 median base salary, 3,495 job openings

Pharmacy Manager: $130,000 median base salary, 1,766 job openings

Strategy Manager: $130,000 median base salary, 701 job openings

Software Architect: $128,250 median base salary, 655 job openings

Integrated Circuit Designer Engineer: $127,500 median base salary, 165 job openings

IT Manager: $120,000 median base salary, 3,152 job openings

Solutions Architect: $120,000 median base salary, 2,838 job openings

Engagement Manager: $120,000 median base salary, 1,452 job openings

Applications Development Manager: $120,000 median base salary, 263 job openings

Pharmacist:  $118,000 median base salary, 4,502 job openings

Systems Architect: $116,920 median base salary, 439 job openings

Finance Manager: $115,000 median base salary, 2,582 job openings

Data Scientist: $115,000 median base salary, 1,985 job openings

Risk Manager: $115,000 median base salary, 1,137 job openings

Creative Director: $115,000 median base salary, 696 job openings

Actuary: $115,000 median base salary, 175 job openings

Data Architect: $113,000 median base salary, 762 job openings

Tax Manager: $110,000 median  base salary, 1,495 job openings

Product Manager: $107,000 median base salary, 7,758 job openings

Design Manager: $106,500 median base salary, 510 job openings

Analytics Manager: $106,000 median base salary, 988 job openings

Information Systems Manager: $106,000 median base salary, 147 job openings


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