GoFundMe for Blind ‘Can Man’ Takes the Internet by Storm


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Source: The Can Man GoFundMe

Source: The Can Man GoFundMe

The internet has rallied around a GoFundMe page set up to help a blind individual known as “the can-man.”

The man, JB Kibbler, has spent the last 25 years collecting cans from dawn to dusk, seven days a week, in an effort to financially aid his daughter and four grandchildren. The 65-year-old Vietnam veteran was bringing in about $100 a month from his cans, which combined with his disability money was barely enough to keep the family above water.


Nearly two years ago, Kibbler met singer/songwriter Matt White, who happened across the can-collecting vet at a gas station. White decided to help the man out, and it was only after he gave him a $20 that White realized Kibbler was blind.

Source: Chauncey's Chance Facebook

Source: Chauncey’s Chance Facebook

After learning why Kibbler was collecting cans, a moved White made an effort to become friends with him. The two exchanged phone numbers, and White eventually shared Thanksgiving dinner with Kibbler’s family. In addition, White assembled care packages of clothing and food for the family. However, White yearned to do more.

Inspiration struck White this past June after he met a boy named Chauncey Jones Black. After coming across the boy offering help at the grocery store in exchange for food to help his disabled mother, White shared the story on Facebook. The post went viral, and White began a campaign called “Chauncey’s Chance” that raised over $340,000 for the teen and his mother.

Amazed by that turn of events, White realized that he could launch the same kind of campaign for Kibbler. He launched the GoFundMe on September 21, explaining the story of how Kibbler came into his life.

White also explained his motivation for the page, explaining that he created it in hopes “that JP’s story will inspire the world, and with a prayer that it will accomplish one thing. I’d like to raise $1,500 for JP so that he can take off from gathering cans for a year, to spend that time with his girls and have money left over to buy them church clothes. “

The campaign quickly took off, raising nearly $35,000 as of press time. White summed up the success simply.

“You can make a significant amount of change with a very insignificant amount of time.”


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