Viral Picture Shows an Inspirational Man With MS Stopping at Nothing for a Snowstorm


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A little determination goes a long way. Just ask Gordon Myre — a man from Boise, Idaho who has multiple sclerosis.


During the most recent snowstorm in Bosie, Myre didn’t let his MS get in the way of shoveling his driveway. In a now viral photo, Myre can be seen sitting in his motorized scooter, working to get rid of the snow.

Myre’s good friend, Maggie O’Mara, shared the inspirational photo on Facebook.

“I wanted to share this photo with all of you, because he is a true inspiration,” O’Mara wrote on Facebook. “This amazing man has MS, and yet — he’s out shoveling snow in his neighborhood. He has the most determination I’ve ever seen!”

The photo is a the perfect example of how Myre’s picks to live his life ever since he was diagnosed with MS 27 years ago.

“There are so many people who get a diagnosis of this disease and say I’m going to sit in my chair and do nothing now,” Myre said to Idaho News Station KTVB. “I don’t think so. I can still one hand it and throw it up into the snow pile. I’m a die-hard competitive person so I can’t let MS beat me.”

As the snow began to fall, Myre’s didn’t think twice about going outside to clear it away.

“I’ll fall down with the best of them and get back up and start over again,” Myre said to Idaho television station KTVB.

Many people were quick to comment on how inspirational the photo was.

“Kudos to you. We have people who are perfectly capable of shoveling and don’t. Makes the rest of the neighborhood difficult to navigate. You could teach us all a lesson. Thanks for the inspiration,” one user wrote.

“Where there’s a will there’s a way. He chooses to do what he can, the best he can. And that is everything,” another user wrote.

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According to Myre’s daughter, Hannah, this is nothing new.

“Every day he goes out, he’s always touching someone different,” she said to Idaho News Station KTVB.

Myre is a regular on the volunteer scene, lending a hand to three different schools during the week.

The determined man also makes sure to raise awareness for MS. Each year, Myre’s participates in the MS Walk with Gordy’s Dream Team.

According to Walk MS, “MS affects more than 2.3 million worldwide, and there is not yet a cure.”

For Gordon Myre, the response to the photo has been “overwhelming.”

“I think the only thing that I could prove to other people was just because I have MS, I can still do a lot of things,” Myre told Your Daily Dish. “I volunteer in elementary school, actually three elementary schools, 4 days a week and the kids make me very happy, but once again the comments I got were very inspiring for me.”

Hopefully, the viral picture will show others that Myre isn’t giving up because of his MS.

“If it snows I will scoop it, so bring it, I’m going to win,” Gordon Myre said to Idaho News Station KTVB. “I just want people to know that just because you have MS, life is not over.”


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