Hacker Group Begins Release Of Alleged KKK Members Emails, Phone Numbers


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Source: Newsmakers/Tim Boyle

Source: Newsmakers/Tim Boyle

After threats surfaced last week from hacker group Anonymous, the phone numbers and email addresses of at least 40 alleged KKK members were released online Sunday.

Anonymous, a group of highly-secretive hackers, whose targets have included the CIA and even the Islamic State terrorist group, announced last week they planned to release the identities of at least 1,000 active members of the white supremacist group.

On Sunday, they began to make good on that promise.

The group published to text-storing site Pastebin a list of over 20 email addresses and more than 40 phone numbers of allegedly active members of the KKK.

The group’s cyber attacks typically are named, with this initiative dubbed, #OpKKK.

The disclosure of names and information is a response to threats made by the KKK to use “lethal force” against protesters last year in Ferguson, Missouri, following the shooting death of Michael Brown by a Ferguson police officer.

The group claims the full list will be unveiled on Thursday, Nov. 5.

If they’re smart, these folks will burn their robes and get rid of all the evidence. But they’re KKK members, so we doubt smarts is something they possess in abundance.


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