Hero Rescue Dog Recovering After Saving Owner From House Fire


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A 14-year-old rescue dog, hailed as a hero for saving not only his owner but the neighbors too, is recovering after calling for attention during a recent house fire.

Last month, a home in Philadelphia caught fire and the owner, Andrea Bulat, fell unconscious before reaching the phone to call 911. Fortunately, her lab-chow mix dog barked and barked and was able to alert the neighbors whom contacted the local emergency dispatch.

Firefighters responding to the scene found Bulat burnt and lying on the living room floor with Che on her chest, both unconscious.

“She must have tried to get out and lost consciousness,” Diana Heiney, friend of Bulat, told ABC News. “He laid on top of her and barked until the neighbors called the fire department.”

Che was treated for smoke inhalation by the Red Paw Emergency Relief Team, and is doing okay. His caregivers are “very optimistic” about his recovery.

Source: Facebook/Red Paw Emergency Relief Team

Source: Facebook/Red Paw Emergency Relief Team

In fact, it was reported that his medical bills were paid for by anonymous donors, likely the neighbors whom he saved with his warning calls or admirers of the little fella.

“[Che’s] the sweetest dog you would ever want to meet,” said Heiney. “If you get too close, he would lick you to death.”

Bulat’s friend is holding onto Che, who was adopted back in 2003, because his owner is unfortunately still in critical condition, and Heiney says he misses his owner very much.


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