This Mailman Built a Ramp for an Elderly Dog So They Could Greet Each Other Everyday


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Meet the mailman from Colorado disproving the theory that dogs and mailmen are natural enemies.


During his daily stops, USPS employee Jeff Kramer makes sure to stop and say hi to Tashi, a 14-year-old black lab. Recently, Kramer noticed the black lab struggling to get up and down the stairs of his house and decided to do something about it. In order to help Tashi, Kramer built a ramp for the aging dog. “It’s incredible,” Karen Dimetrosky, Tashi’s owner, told the Daily Camera. “I can’t imagine not having the ramp now. It’s the only way he gets in and out.” Kramer had originally built the ramp for his elderly dog, Odie, who also had trouble with the stairs. After Odie passed away, he thought it would be the perfect solution for Tashi. “I just noticed they needed it,” Kramer told the Daily Camera. “I didn’t need it anymore and I hate throwing things away.” Kramer then dropped off the supplies to build the ramp, however Dimetrosky wasn’t sure on how to put it together. Luckily, Kramer stopped by on his day off to help assemble the ramp. “We didn’t know how to assemble it, and we were hesitant putting something so large in front of the house, not knowing how long Tashi would live,” Dimetrosky said to Today. “When Jeff assembled the ramp on a Sunday and we came home and saw him out front, we were so grateful that he took time out of his life to do this for Tashi.” Tashi uses the ramp everyday and makes sure to greet Kramer when he comes to deliver the mail.

Jeff Kramer and his ramp helped Tashi.

“The ramp has helped Tashi tremendously,” Dimetrosky said to Today. “He can walk in and out of the front door and down to the yard independently. He potentially prolonged his life because my husband and I both pulled our back out by lifting Tashi on and off the porch. As a result of the ramp, Tashi feel more independent and given him a sense of freedom in his old age. “He’s just so happy with life,” Jeff Kramer said to the Daily Camera.
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