Katy Perry Is Actually JonBenét Ramsey Claims Crazy Conspiracy Theorist


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Photo Credit: Exclaim.ca

Photo Credit: Exclaim.ca

There is a strange rumor going around the Internet that may put all other conspiracy theories to shame.

“Fireworks” singer, Katy Perry, and the supposedly deceased JonBenét Ramsey seem to bear a resemblance, but according to one Youtube conspiracy theory, the singer and Ramsey are one in the same.


According to a video,”‘JonBenét Ramsey’ is singer ‘Katy Perry’ – Parents give up the game. False Witness Death Liars,” uploaded to the account of a Dave Johnson, it attempts to explain that Ramsey was not murdered in 1996. Instead, she was kidnapped and turned into the pop star as a part of a Jewish/Illuminati conspiracy. Watch the video below to see how ridiculous the conspiracy is.

The video points out that both Perry’s and Ramsey’s parents look alike, except for Perry’s father shaving his head and her mother losing a substantial amount of weight.

YouTuber Jungle Surfer seems to support the video claim. He uploaded a video claiming that both Ramsey and Perry have the same set of eyebrows. The video can be seen below.

In another conspiracy twist, YouTuber VK33 claims that their is a connection between Perry’s music videos and Ramsey. In 2009, Perry tweeted the following lyrics to “God Bless America.”

According to VK33,  Ramsey sang the same exact song (weird that she would sing such a popular song!) at one of her pageants. Coincidence? VK33 video can be seen below.

This isn’t the first time Ramsey was involved in a conspiracy. A few years ago, rumors swirled around the internet that Ramsey was not murdered and grew up to be Lady Gaga. That was never proven (obvi).

Ramsey was murdered on December 25, 1996. Her parents were suspects in the case, but were partially exonerated in 2003 when DNA taken from the victim’s clothes suggested they were not involved.

It wasn’t until July 2008 that John Bennett Ramsey and Pasty Ramsey were completely cleared of any wrongdoing.

As for Katy Perry, she sold over 27 million albums worldwide and went on to headline the Super Bowl XLIX Halftime show. But is she actually, Ramsey? Who’s to say? (She’s not.)


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