After a Trump Supporter Collapses, Protesters Rally to Help Out


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Source: Kenosha News

The opposition is growing against President Donald Trump’s proposals. Some people are outraged over his proposed Meals on Wheels budget cuts and other people are fearing about diminished health coverage for the nation’s senior citizens.

In April, President Trump visited the Snap-on Headquarters in Kenosha — his first visit to Wisconsin since winning the White House. During this visit, a Trump supporter collapsed — but people protesting Trump helped him.


“Would you?” questioned Ana Draa, a former CPR instructor, to the Washington Post. “We’re on polar opposite sides of the political fence. I go to Planned Parenthood luncheons and his sign was all about defunding Planned Parenthood. At the end of the day, he’s God’s child. He’s somebody’s daddy, somebody’s husband, somebody’s father.”

Draa said that she was yelled at by another Trump supporter, who even punched the sign she was holding up, but she said that she would have helped this man as well if he had fallen.

“It’s what my faith calls me to do,” she told the Washington Post. “The reality is the more we talk, the more commonality we’re going to find and the more we humanize each other, which is so important. I’m not saying you excuse racism or sexism, but by talking to people, that’s how you break those barriers down.”

As for the man who fell, she doesn’t know whether or not he is alright.

Source: Kenosha News

She wasn’t the only one who helped the Trump supporter. Retired nurse Pat Ventura was at the scene as well, providing emergency care to the man who collapsed. She found out his condition after calling up his wife. She even waited with him until emergency crews arrived.

“He needed help,” Ventura said to the Kenosha News, joking “I hope he has a good health care plan.”

And after he was assisted, Ventura rejoined the protests against Trump.

Source: Kenosha News

“We need to respect and value the humanity in each other,” Draa told the Washington Post. “Just because we have different opinions it doesn’t make them evil.”

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