Man Caught in Speeding DeLorean Says He Wasn’t Trying to Time Travel


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Source: Brentwood Gazette

A man reportedly got a speeding ticket for driving his DeLorean over 88 mph yet he insists he was not attempting to time travel.

As seen in Back to the Future, hitting 88 mph in the cult-classic car initiates time travel, though Nigel Mills, 55, from Brentwood, U.K., is still in this time period.


“I was being prosecuted for going 89 mph in a DeLorean, [but] wasn’t something meant to happen at 88 mph?” asked Mills, though he insisted, “I wasn’t trying to time travel.”

On his way to work last year in the blue beauty, made famous by the 1985 film and purchased for £22,000 ($29,000), Mills was caught speeding by the police. He had a hearing which was eventually thrown out due to insufficient evidence.

Mills bought the gull-wing-doored sports car back in 2004, being not only a car fan but in fact a Back to the Future trilogy fan.

Source: Back to the Future (1985)

Source: Back to the Future (1985)

“When I’m out in it a few people recognize it, they slow down and take pictures,” said the Englishman. “Drivers take pictures out their windows and I get approached at petrol (gas) stations.”

Unfortunately, Mills does not drive, let alone speed in, the 34-year-old car often, but fingers are crossed that one day he will achieve time travel.


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